LOGIS-CONSULT Ltd (hereinafter referred to as LOGIS-CONSULT) has adopted a strict privacy policy because LOGIS-CONSULT takes the privacy of its customers, suppliers and prospects (hereinafter referred to as Third Parties) very seriously and treats such personal information with care.

This privacy policy, which concerns LOGIS-CONSULT’s Internet sites (, or other future sites), the exchange of letters and e-mails in the context of LOGIS-CONSULT’s commercial activities and the acquisition of personal data in the context of commercial mailings, explains how LOGIS-CONSULT handles Third Party information. This privacy policy complies with the new European GDPR-legislation on the processing and protection of personal data and applies to all personal data obtained through LOGIS-CONSULT’s sites or any other source of information acquisition used by LOGIS-CONSULT.

Third parties should be aware that LOGIS-CONSULT is not responsible for the privacy policies of the sites and sources that are hosted on the various LOGIS-CONSULT servers. This responsibility depends on the sponsor of the site in question.

LOGIS-CONSULT respects the privacy of all users of its sites and ensures that any personal information provided by third parties is treated as confidential.


The personal data of third parties are processed by LOGIS-CONSULT for the following purposes:

  • Administrative management according to the legal obligations of a company’s accounting system
  • Communication between LOGIS-CONSULT and its clients/suppliers and prospects
  • Management of mailings related to LOGIS-CONSULT’s activities


When the third-party exchanges data as part of a commercial transaction or in connection with LOGIS-CONSULT’s commercial activities (order, invoice, delivery, repairs, warranty, etc.), LOGIS-CONSULT asks to provide personal information.

LOGIS-CONSULT may ask third parties directly or indirectly (via documents provided by third parties: bank statements from its banks, the customer’s website or information provided by the third party on social networks) for the following personal data: surname, first name, telephone number, address, language, company number (if the third party has one), type of activity, bank account number and e-mail address of the third party or of a department or person working for that third party.

The data is used to provide the best service and is stored in commercial and accounting applications on LOGIS-CONSULT’s secure servers.

This data shall never be combined with other personal data concerning the third party, regardless of its origin.

They are kept for a period of 10 years.

Some of this data (surname, first name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) is, as the case may be and with the consent of the third party, exchanged with LOGIS-CONSULT’s suppliers in the context of guarantees, acquisition of licenses or after-sales service.


When the third party sends an e-mail or other messages to LOGIS-CONSULT (e-mails, letters, CVs, etc.), LOGIS-CONSULT may retain these messages.

Sometimes LOGIS-CONSULT requests personal details that are relevant because they are linked to the situation in question.
The personal details that LOGIS-CONSULT may request in order to process questions and respond to third party requests are: surname, first name, telephone number, address, language and e-mail address, password.

The data is stored on LOGIS-CONSULT’s secure servers or on third party servers.

This information shall never be combined with other personal data concerning the third party, regardless of its origin.


When the third party gives his/her personal data to be informed of LOGIS-CONSULT’s commercial activities, the third party accepts that this data may be used to send mail and/or e-mail related to the various LOGIS-CONSULT departments.
The personal data that LOGIS-CONSULT may request in order to process the third party’s wishes to follow LOGIS-CONSULT’s activities are; surname, first name, telephone number, type of activity, address, language, number of persons employed, interest in one or more LOGIS-CONSULT departments and e-mail address.

The data is stored on LOGIS-CONSULT’s secure servers or on third-party servers. Some of this data may only be combined with the commercial history of the third party at LOGIS-CONSULT in order to finalize effective communication.

Data collected in the context of the third party’s interest in LOGIS-CONSULT’s commercial activities will never be exchanged with a third party. The personal data of the third party will only be used by LOGIS-CONSULT.

Whenever a third party sends a letter or email, it always has the option of deactivating this service.


LOGIS-CONSULT uses cookies on its sites. A cookie is a simple small file that a website stores on your hard disk by the browser.

The information is stored in a cookie.

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default, but the third party can reset its browser to refuse all cookies or to be informed when a cookie is sent.

However, the proper functioning of certain features and services of the sites may be disrupted if cookies are disabled in the browser.


In order to operate its various services and to communicate with third parties, LOGIS-CONSULT does not collect or use any information for purposes other than those described in this Policy. Confidentiality, unless LOGIS-CONSULT has obtained the consent of the third party in advance.


LOGIS-CONSULT may transmit the information provided by the third party and with its agreement, to other third parties (external repair service providers, …) only if this is necessary to achieve the objectives described above (acquisition of a license, equipment warranty, after-sales service, administrative procedures for obtaining a fiscal box, …). In certain cases, information may be shared internally, LOGIS-CONSULT employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the third party’s personal data.

LOGIS-CONSULT shall never transmit personal data to other parties with whom LOGIS-CONSULT has not concluded a confidentiality or processing agreement. Should this be the case, the necessary arrangements shall be made with these parties to ensure the security of the personal data. LOGIS-CONSULT may also share personal data with the VAT administration, the FPS Finance or any other federal, regional or municipal body within the framework of specific administrative obligations (annual VAT listing, etc.).

LOGIS-CONSULT does not provide personal data to parties located outside the EU, except with the consent of the third party.


LOGIS-CONSULT does not keep personal data longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were provided or required by law.

Personal data relating to invoices and accounting (exchange of e-mails, exchange of mail, invoices, order forms, delivery notes, after-sales service, intervention under guarantee, etc.) are kept for 10 years.

Personal data obtained in the context of an unsuccessful commercial relationship (exchange of e-mails, exchange of mail, etc.) may also be kept for 10 years. The third party may ask to consult, correct or delete his personal data, except for legal obligations related to LOGIS-CONSULT.

LOGIS-CONSULT endeavors to protect the personal data of third parties as well as possible by applying technical and organizational measures, of which the following are a few examples:

  • All persons who may become acquainted with the personal data of third parties at LOGIS-CONSULT (managers, employees and subcontractors) are obliged to maintain their confidentiality.
  • LOGIS-CONSULT uses a username and password policy on all its systems.
  • Personal data is backed up in order to be able to recover from physical or technical incidents.
  • The employees, trainees and temporary workers employed by LOGIS-CONSULT have been informed of the importance of protecting personal data.


As provided for by privacy legislation and indicated in the previous paragraph, the third party can always modify/delete his data free of charge. It is enough to contact LOGIS-CONSULT:
Avenue Nicolaï, 15 – 4802 HEUSY (Verviers)
+32 87 770 759

In order to be able to verify the identity of the third party, LOGIS-CONSULT may ask him to send a copy of his identity card, making the photo invisible, the national register number invisible and mentioning that it is a copy.

When sending commercial emailing, the third party shall also find at the bottom of each email the possibility of modifying his or her contact details or of unsubscribing from the newsletter.


LOGIS-CONSULT regularly verifies whether the privacy policy is properly applied in the different departments. If the third party has any questions on this subject or wishes to express a complaint about the processing of his personal data, he can contact:

LOGIS-CONSULT Ltd Avenue Nicolaï, 15 – 4802 HEUSY (Verviers)
+32 87 770 759

The third party also has the right to file a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, an independent supervisory body that ensures that personal data is used and secured carefully, and that future privacy is also guaranteed in accordance with privacy rules.